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Basic things you need to know about your appliances. Why the issue is occurring and what to do to prevent the issue from happening again. 

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Why is my fridge leaking?

The most common issue is a clogged drain system. In most cases it is a one time issue. In this case no need to unplug the fridge, but make sure that the repair is done as soon as possible to avoid any damages from the water. 

Why is my dishwasher not finishing the cycle and water stays inside?

Make sure you rinse your dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. Stuff like seeds and bones can easily clog the draining system. 

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Pouring Laundry Detergent

Why is my my washer not draining?

The common reason is not emptying the pockets before washing your clothes. Stuff that are being left in pockets are ending up in the drain system and it is getting clogged. 

Why is my dryer not heating?

Make sure you clean you lint filter after each use. Clogged filter can blow the over heating fuse which causes the dryer to stop heating. 

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